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mercat de les flors, barcelona 2019 | foto edgar melo 

trayectoria del polvo VII

 dueto dance theater


lifetime dust  VII is a song to life, to the trajectory of life: birth, life and death.

a piece that deals with a reflection danced around the transgression of one's own body when it begins the path towards a new life: death seen as a beginning, death as a celebration.

death does not stop, death initiates other processes of connection and life.


directed by aïda colmenero dïaz and inspired by the poem of rosario castellanos (mexico), this piece is a game between two women on stage who dialogue, walk on the same path, one always supporting the other, dragging, walking, blowing their memories of a lifetime, their own and those of all their ancestors.


the movement emanates from the gestures of daily life of giving es salaam, tanzania, which meet the gestuality of flamenco and the sacred movements of connection with a non-rational world that inhabits the spiritual, the energetic, the sacred.


with the live violin music: a cry that drags the memory of long lives and that tries to squeak for moments in the sleeping hearts of those who think that this is not for them, that death


lifetime dust VII is a piece created in tanzania as part of the multidisciplinary project she poem

directed by: aïda colmenero dïaz

she: nshoma nkwabi (tanzania) y anahi acuña (francia/argentina)

30 minutos

music | nshoma nkwabi (tanzania) y anahi acuña (francia/argentina)

produced at dar es salaam (tanzania),  2016, co-produced by casa africa, goethe institut de dar es salaam, muda africa, vipaji foundation, nafasi art space, southern sun hotel, goethe institut madrid

presented at sala mirador (madrid ) festival mac ( barcelona)

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