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conxurando o invisible

solo dance theater piece


a stage proposal that offers the world with a mantra of respect for those who pray with their ancestral voices and presence, and recovers elements of the intangible heritage of Galicia's cultural tradition


the Galician creator-descendant aïda colmenero dïaz returns to her land Galicia and develops a process of investigation of the personal family memory of her childhood and of all her ancestors, delving into the intangible and tangible Galician heritage. she delves into Galician folklore in search of movements, and makes a journey of memory of the collective body, mass bodies, connected to ancestral history. everything is related in the network of life. everything is tied to the laws of existence. earth is not only the piece of dust from which we were born, earth is history. earth is mother, earth is eternal father. that is why we are brothers, human beings, animals and things. earth is dignity. earth is the spirit of our peoples and our ancestors. earth is life. earth is history.

accompanied by popular songs from Galicia, from the region of their great-great-grandmothers, aïda conjures  and prays with that which cannot be seen, the invisible, the voices and ancestral presences, not palpable, but which have always been there.

conxurando o invisible speaks about the imagined Galicia, built in the collective imagination of millions of emigrants who left in search of a better life, and by those who stayed, and built the imagination with the disappeared. through laments and songs of homesickness, aïda conspires to collectively,  build a Galicia that is spread all over the world and left behind many missing ones.

conxurando o invisible delivers a prayer to connect with the disappeared, the dead, the enslaved, the marginalised: galicians; recovering elements of the intangible heritage of the most ancestral Galician popular tradition such as alalás and aturuxos ,  yelling,  as a means to invoke  their own self  expansion and connection with the invisible, that which is present but not seen. in turn, the singing and dancing animate the emotion and implore the imagination. this spell - queimada is a mantra projected onto the universe with humility, a way of praying, an act of clemency, a call for justice, protection from death, evil spirits, and the appeasement of the emotions captured in the body.

direted and performed  | aïda colmenero dïaz

​music: teresa colmenero, grupo abertal de la rúa, entroido viana do bolo, aïda colmenero dïaz

costume: d´aquela

photo: carlota mosquera

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