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Aïda Colmenero Dïaz is born in Madrid of Galician descent. She is a leading artist in Spain thanks to her avant-garde career, which has led her to explore unusual regions of the world and to embark on unique creative processes, crossing borders and providing a complex and alternative reflection on identity and cultural heritage with a solid gender perspective.

Through her work, marked by her multidisciplinary creative capacity and her innovative nature in our context, she aims to connect minds, build geographical and cultural bridges, and recover historical memory, in order to build a future in which prevails the recognition of the different cultures of the world, as well as intercultural contact as an engine for art creation. In 2021, she received the Pina Bausch Fellowship by the Pina Bausch Foundation for her choreographic merits, first Spanish creator to receive this mention.

Aïda is known for her own personal concept of artistic creation and direction, particularly in the field of contemporary choreographic creation. She has led her to work in a long list of regions of the world and to embark on highly innovative creative processes. Her artistic projects have been presented in numerous countries around the world: Mercat de les Flors, Teatros del Canal, Festival Grec, Fabrik Potsdam, Theatre Paris Villette, San Francisco Dance Film Festival, Bienal de Danza de Cali, Theatre Daniel Sorano, Auditorio de Tenerife, among other. Founder, artistic director and choreographer of She Poems, a continental project with which, since 2013 until now, she has created together with 40 women from 14 countries: photographic series, 20 short dance films and several choreographic pieces '2nd November, the fear remover' (2014), 'Lifetime Dust VII' (2016), 'Qué importa el abismo' (2016), 'Tell him' (2016), 'El Canto' (2016), 'Templo' (2018) and 'Khoes Conquers' (2019). In 2019, she received a commission by the Ministry of Culture of Colombia together with Acción Cultural Española to create a piece for the Contemporary Dance Company of Colombia in Cali with 16 dancers “Yala” (2019). In 2020, the World Heritage City Group by UNESCO Spain commissioned her to create a new work ‘Conxurando o invisible’. In 2021, she received a double candidacy at Spain’s MAX Performing Arts Awards for her pieces ‘Qué importa el abismo’ and ‘Lifetime Dust VII’. In 2022, she is invited by the Suzanne Dellal Center as a mentor along with other international choreographers. Also in 2022 she is invited by the Pina Bausch Zentrum in Wuppertal to present the German premiere of her choreographic work 'Kolochi Baw' (2022), the first Spanish choreographer programmed at this center. In the last decade, Aïda Colmenero Dïaz has regularly collaborated as an artistic mentor in the processes of creation, dramaturgy, staging, technical direction and acting in performing arts and music projects for numerous creators at a national and international scale. Also, Aïda has provided her mentorship and consultancy for numerous institutions, choreographic centers, universities and festivals around the world, and she has taught at various prestigious centers worldwide. Aïda combines her artistic activity as creator with her own contribution to the educative field, by conceptualizing, directing and/or advising various initiatives aimed at providing new methodologies in the pedagogical sector of the performing arts, such as the thinking conference 'Meeting Grounds' (2021) co-curated by herself with Àngels Margarit in collaboration with European Dancehouse Network, or the four editions of the professional training program 'Creation, thinking, body' held yearly at Graner Center for Dance and Performance of Barcelona, among other.

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