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aïda colmenero dïaz
pina bausch fellow 


"the jury was unanimous in its embrace of aïda colmenero dïaz and her co-partner antonio tavares‘ fellowship. the candidate shows a lifelong commitment to a dialogue on decolonization of knowledge and power dynamics be-tween the global north and the global south, dialogue in ways that read as sincere and sustainable. the maturity of both, candidate and co-partner was noted by the jury.“  - jury statement




“it is not about art, also not about pure technique. It is about life, and therefore it is about finding a language for life.“— pina bausch

finding a language for life – the arts foundation of north rhine-westphalia and the pina bausch foundation have been following up on pina bausch’s credo since 2016 with a co-developed grant programme and award the pina bausch fellowship for dance and choreography.

aïda colmenero dïaz has been awarded with this fellowship in 2021 to cooperate with antónio tavares, choreographer located in mindelo, cape verde, and one of the key figures in the history of contemporary dance. through her cooperation with antónio tavares, she has a goal to connect with her own choreographic-vibration sound-language by exploring new inner spaces. together they will explore the holistic construction of a creator process.

as a result of this period of research, aïda has create her new large piece "kolochi baw"  

utopian dances | poetics of the future

aïda made this video creation to honor antonio tavares. it is a creation that synthesizes philosophy, thoughts and teachings she received from him during her fellowship. 

her fellowship has been realized in three different places, in madrid (naves del español), barcelona (graner, center of creation and living arts) and mindelo (mindelo cultural center) and also in galicia

at the same time aïda created a big collection of visual art during her fellowship

Pina Bausch Fellowhship is an award that support the choreographer to "Finding a language for life " – supported by  Arts Foundation of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Pina Bausch Foundation

illustrations by aïda colmenero dïaz she made them during her year of research.

series inspired by the utopian body concept.

series entitled dancing body, poetics of the past-present-future

mindelo, dakar, santiago de compostela 2022


by edgar melo Africa Moment 2020 "kmedeus" antonio tavares

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