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solo dance theater piece

aka_ nativa is a solo theater piece created and performed by aïda colmenero dïaz

a manifesto, a strategy to understand, to survive; politics captured in the body.

I found Dïaz fixating — the dance simple, yet so complex. Dȉaz’s movements are fluid and poetic as she dances. The Madrid-born choreographer, undeniably trained in classical Flamenco, deconstructs the form in a way I hadn’t yet encountered: unpacking its Andalusian roots blending North African, Syrian and Indian traditions. She alludes to this in the careful placement of her thumb and forefinger pressed against her breastbone, creating mudras as she arches her back in a single down pool of light. 

“Are you with me?” she says, on more than one occasion.

I’m with her. by Lauren Warnecke 


photos by val adamson

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