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kolochi baw première fari foni waatii , mali 

an odyssey of time.

of vibration,

where the body delivers what it hides

and where the scream is transformed.


give in,

surrender to the cause

the social, political and ancestral cause

of the sacrifice.


give in,

surrender to the cause.


after all,

a declaration of love

to vibration, to life.


aïda colmenero dïaz, 

bamako (mali) january 2022

performers: fily kanté, ousmane belém koné, arsène désire, ndayshimiye, aïcha ouattara, lou djehinan veronique

director and coreography: aïda colmenero dïaz

producción: bamako (mali) 2022 fari foni waati

produced by: africa moment, instituto nacional de las artes escénicas y música del gobierno de españa, acción cultural española

80 min


kolochi baw
group dance theater piece

'kolochi baw' 'kolochi baw', in bambara, one of the central languages in mali, means "the guardians". these are the guardians of time, vibration and sacrifice; the three topics embraced in this piece in a collective way.

sacrifice as giving oneself, surrendering oneself to the cause. the cause as the essential axis of sacrifice itself. the political social cause.

the work is part of a research process on several personal and political sacrifices, focusing on those linked to the great constructions of humanity such as pyramids, great temples, mosques and in those sacrifices connected to madness. madness as an option to sacrifice without death.

specifically in this piece, the history of the construction of the djenné mosque, in mali - its birth, construction and celebration process - has been taken as a reference. every year a great festivity is held to celebrate it.

'kolochi baw' stages the guardians of ancestrality in modernity, the guardians and watchmen (o watch(wo)men :) of construction processes. the guardians of new modernity.

the idea of construction is very present throughout the piece; the physical and spiritual construction necessary to be able to deploy large constructions.

the theme of light as something essential in the construction of homes. the intimate space of each home, of each temple. the traditional way of construction in the face of the modern way of construction, and light in tradition and modernity.

the creative process of 'kolochi baw' has been developed in bamako 2022 with an international cast from different countries: rwanda, ivory coast, senegal and mali


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