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yala première.2019 matecón theater. palmira colombia

Yala is a work that is based on the thought forms of the original peoples of the world, it is a tribute, defense and celebration of the earth and the body in its relationship with the territory. Yala means earth.  Earth is life, earth is history. It comes from the name Abya Yala,  "land in its full maturity" or "land of vital blood", is the name used to refer to the American continent, before being colonized, which literally means land in full maturity or land of vital blood.


Performers: Compañía Colombiana de Danza Contemporánea (CCDC)

Director CCDC: Arlai González Padin

Coreography: Aïda Colmenero Dïaz

Music: Estudios Indigeniformes de Opo and Aïda Colmenero Dïaz

About Compañía Colombiana de Danza Contemporánea: It  was founded in June 2015, under the artistic direction of maestro Arlai González Padín. At present, the company has fifteen dancers. He has participated in national and international events such as the X International Ballet Festival in Cali, the 3rd International Dance Biennial in Cali and the XXI Old Havana Festival, Ciudad en Movimiento, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of Cuba and the Retazos Company, and as guests of the Thalia Theater in Suriname. The company  has also had the participation of international choreographers such as Jorge Abril Santander; the Cuban choreographer, based in Germany, Julio César Iglesias, ; the French choreographer Davy Brun, current director of the Conservatoire de Lyon, France; the French choreographer Redha Benteifour, w and the Spanish choreographer Susana Pous.

yala reheasals. incolballet company.cali, colombia
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