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She Poems is a project inspired by poems written by women, created and produced in Africa by its new generation of female performing arts creators. A revolutionary project due to its gender and postcolonial vision that, since 2013, is positioning creative women from more than a dozen African countries as artistic role models on the international scene. So far, She Poems has produced 20 dance short films, 6 contemporary dance pieces and photographic series of great visual beauty and power. The creators of She Poems, daughters of the revolution and the independence of a continent, are unique and pioneering artists who, from their particular geographical, cultural and personal context, engage in individual and intimate creative processes to transform a literary score into body and audiovisual language, using performative codes that originate from their immediate daily environment, their heritage and their own creative impulse, revealing universal messages. She Poems questions the stereotypes that the western collective imaginary imposes on black-African female bodies, transgressing hegemonic audiovisual and stage narratives, to offer a unique artistic manifestation.


The project has been created with Estelle Foli and Anique Ayiboe (Togo); Nshoma Nkwabi, Khadija Nasibu, Shamila Salumu and Happiness Majige (Tanzania); Nesindano Namises and Trixie Munyama (Namibia); Betty Seise Bâgbo and Susane Hawi (Kenya); Suzana Tavares, Rosy Timas Tavares, Julia Dias and Sualia Lima (Cape Verde); Khoudia Touré, Marie Agnés Gomis, Rokhaya Thioune and Amie Mbye (Senegal-Gambia); Sena Atshugah (Ghana); Ada Umugwaneza, Pavrine Gicanda Kabalisa and Natasha Muzira (Rwanda); Nneka Celina Umeigbo and Irene Omoha (Nigeria); Balkissa Abdou Yarima, Aïcha Koraou and Rachida Amadou Bello (Niger); Phulusho Khwiyane and Phindile (South Africa); Michèle Ndjongui (Cameroon); Nilza Adolfo Matiquete and Mai Juli Machado (Mozambique); with the artistic direction of artist Aïda Colmenero Dïaz.

she poems shortfilms

she poems tanzania

lifetime dust VII

inspired by the poem

of rosario castellanos (mexico) 

she happiness majige

canara minzi mims,

by aïda colmenero dïaz 

05:19 min 2016

bagamojo,dar es salaam,


she poems tanzania

inspired by the poem of ángela figuera aymerich (spain)

she   khadija nasibu
by   aïda colmenero dïaz
film   minzi mims

edition  juan cañamero

03:30 min, 2013

dar es salaam tanzania

she poems tanzania
stay in me

inspired by the poem of maria clara gonzález (colombia) 

she     shamila salumu
film    minzi mims
edition juan cañamero
music hildur gudnadottir 
by      aïda colmenero dïaz

03:00 min 2013

dar es salaam, tanzania

she poems senegal
the fear remover 

inspired by the poem of radio ensueño


she khoudia touré 
film& edition siaka traoré & aïda
direction aïda colmenero dïaz

7:04 min 2014, dakar, senegal

she poems senegal
2th november 

inspired by the poem of stella diaz varín


she marie agnes gomis

film& edition siaka traoré & aïda
direction aïda colmenero dïaz

music yakart, chopin nocturne op. 9, no. 2

8:11 min 2014, dakar, senegal

she poems nigeria
no light | no luz

inspired by the poem of paloma serra


she  irene omoha

film&edition yakart

direction aïda colmenero dïaz

4:50 min 2014, abuja, nigeria

she poems niger

inspired by the poem of ada salas (spain)

she     balkissa abodou, aïcha korau,           rachida amadou bello

direction aïda colmenero dïaz
music bawa kokari "lampo" and ali       oumarou chatima

5:57 min, 2015, niamey, niger

el canto
she poems nigeria

inspired by the poem of fina garcía marruz (cuba)

she nneka celina umeigbo
camara  nikan aka  micheal oga
edition  yakart

direction aïda colmenero dïaz

4:49min 2014, lagos, nigeria

cine mudo | silent film
she poems cameroon

inspired by the poem of ada salas (spain)

she  michèle ndjongui

direction aïda colmenero dïaz
film ponpom& yakart

music  ross bugden

04:00 min 2015, yaoundé, cameroon

she poems cap vert


inspired by the poem of paloma serra (spain)

she suzana tavares

direction aïda colmenero dïaz

film edited yakart

praia, cap vert 

she poes cap vert

cicatriz de luz

inspired by the gender violence texts (cap vert)

she rosy timas tavares, suzana tavares, suaila         lima, julia dias

direction aïda colmenero diaz

music jeff hessney

03:47 min, 2017, praia, cabo verde

she poems togo


inspired by the poem of isune de goñi


she  estelle foli 

direction aïda colmenero dïaz

music kai engel

 03:43 min, 2017, lomé, togo



inspired by the poem of ana lena pena


she sena atshugah 

direction aïda colmenero dïaz

video   yakart

 2017 accra, ghana

she poems kenya

tell him

inspired by the poem of seise betty bagbo


she  seise betty bâgbo & susane hawi

direction aïda colmenero dïaz

video  yakart

2016, nairobi, kenia

she poems togo


inspired by the poem of isune de goñi



she  anique ayiboe

direction  aïda colmenero dïaz

video  yakart

05:11 min,2017, togoville& lomé, togo


trap f.m.

inspired by the poem of violeta luna (ecuador) 

she  ada umugwaneza, pavrine gicanda           kabalisa, natasha muzira

direction aïda colmenero dïaz

video.  yakart

2017 kigali, rwanda

she poems namibia

xhoes conquers

inspired by the poem, words, song of nesindano "khoes" namises (namibia)

she  nesindano "xhoes" namises & trixie munyama

direction aïda colmenero dïaz

edited   yakart 

camera bianca fimanekweni pauluswindhoek                 10:20 min, 2018 rehoboth, namibia 



inspired by conversations with she (south africa)

she  phulusho khwiyane

direction edition film music aïda colmenero dïaz

2021 produced in mpumalanga with the forgotten angle theatre collaborative @ ebhudlweni arts centre,  with the support of spanish embassy in pretoria , casa áfrica, my body my space festival

ella sud2.jpg


inspired by conversations with she (south africa)

she  phindile ntombizodwa elsie sibiya &bella

direction film edited aïda colmenero dïaz

music kai engel cendres

2021 produced in mpumalanga with the forgotten angle theatre collaborative @ ebhudlweni arts centre,  with the support of spanish embassy in pretoria , casa áfrica, my body my space festival

ella poema mozambique

viver mais 

inspired by the poem of taíssa cazumbá (brazil)

she nilza adolfo matiquete & mai juli machado

direction aïda colmenero dïaz

video  yakart

2018, maputo, mozambique


She Poems shortfilms  has been already  presented at:

Festival Kinetic Cinema, Nueva York, EE.UU. Premier Mundial

Masterclass and conference (Nueva York 2013)


College of Arts Windhoek ( April 2018 Namibia), Universidad Católica (2017 Quito), Universidades de Winneba ( 2017 Ghana), Universidad de Sport (2016 Copenhagen), Universidad Abdou Moumouni de Niamey (2016 Níger)



Durban Art Gallery ( 2018 South Africa) , National Gallery Kigali ( 2017, Rwanda)


CityHall, Maputo ( Marzo 2018, Mozambique)

Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana Núcleo de Esmeraldas ( 2017 Ecuador)



Teatro de la Estación ( March Zaragoza, España, 2019), Centro Párraga (Enero 2018, Murcia, Spain), Centro Cívico de Sagrada Familia , especializado en género ( 2016 Barcelona, España)



Cineteca del Matadero de Madrid (November 2018, Spain)

Institut Français: Valencia (2016 España), Niamey (2016 Níger), Yaoundé (2017, Cameroon), Accra ( 2017 Ghana) 

Goethe Institut: Dakar (2016 Senegal), Barcelona (2017 España) , Dar es Salaam (2015, 2016, 2017 Tanzania), Lomé ( 2017 Togo) 

Festivals:  Pies para qué los quiero (March Zaragoza, España, 2019), Moovy-festival

( March 2019 Köln Germany), Athens Video Dance Festival ( January 2019, Greece), TanzFilmFest Berlin (2018 Germany ), ScreenDance Miami Festival 2018 (EEUU),POOL- 15 Berlin (2015 y  2018 Germany),  Festival Espacioenter Festival, Tea Tenerife (August 2017 Spain ), AfrikansonFilmFestival (London 2017 UK), Project X by African in Motion Film Festival of Scotland (August 2017 Scotland), NOW&AFTER ’16 (October 2016 Russia, Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne (July 2016 Australia), FAD Festival: Film-Art-Dance (March 2016 USA), EnCORE: Dance on Film (March 2016 USA), Time2Dance Festival (October 2015 y 2017 Tanzania ), 13 Festival Danzaalborde (October 2014 Chile)

Publicaciones : CinéWomen Biennal 2015

africa map black_edited.jpg




ella poema

she poems performances

lifetime dust VII

2th november the fear remover 

xhoes conquers

qué importa el abismo


tell him 

abismo b
wroking2 She

she poems photography 



Es como si África fuese un imán y la sensibilidad de la bailarina y coreógrafa Aída Colmenero Díaz metálica...

el país

La bailarina Aïda Colmenero ha creado un mapa poético con cuerpos de mujeres africanas

'She Poem/Ella Poema' se presenta en el Kinetic Festival de Nueva York el 12 de marzo


La danza contemporánea en África se construye desde un nivel muy social y político...

france 24 tv

De 'Ella Poema', que es África hecha danza, al disco de Yoko Ono

institut français 

Elle Poème , visages de la francophonie

mundo negro

La mujer africana danza


gerard casas

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