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alliance français, accra 2019 | foto ruth sara sánchez


 solo dance theater


the body, like a temple,

houses spaces given over to one's intimacy, sacred corners where the hidden lives, that which we do not want to see, do not allow ourselves to recognize, or are discovering for the first time

directed by aïda colmenero dïaz and inspired by the poem by iosune de goñi, 'temple' brings to the stage a dialogue with the intimacy that we keep with ourselves through the sacred spaces of our body,

to illuminate them and reveal their purity




it is me

I have not forgotten the sacred words

I have undressed

and I have entered the waters under the spring full moon

 temple is a piece created in togo as part of the multidisciplinary project she poems

directed by : aïda colmenero dïaz

she: anique ayiboe  (togo)

30 minutes

music | yakart

production lome (togo), and accra (ghana) by yakart, 2017

co-production spanish embassy in accra, casa africa, brin de chocolat cultural centre, goethe-institut lomé, aske dance company


presented in feet so that I love them (zaragoza) 2019

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